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Who wants to fly?  What with volcanic ash, delays, increased prices, bans on carrying things......

Why not just have an easy life and take the coach?



Roskilde supports green initiatives like the coach and we know you will too.

Our fare includes return coach, ferry and an on-board rep to answer questions and just generally be around for you - the only thing it doesn't include is YOUR FESTIVAL TICKET!  So please make sure you have one prior to travel!!!  If you can't get in when you get there don't blame us!

We will leave on Sunday evening and travel to Dover, once we arrive in Europe we will take a direct drive to Roskilde to get you there as soon as possible, arriving Monday morning approx
 10 a.m.
 (we thought if we travelled overnight you could have a good kip to top up your energy levels ready for the week ahead)
  Return will be on Monday 5th July - departing at 10 a.m. (just enough time to pack your tent, have a cuppa and get your head a little straight) aiming to arrive back in the UK first thing Tuesday morning - also a chance to enjoy the scenery you missed on the way up!
Estimated journey time from start to finish is around 12 - 16 hours - we will of course stop along the way so you can get out stretch your legs and have that fag 

So come on cut the plane save even more emissions and use the time to meet some people on board
Sunday, June 27, 2010 - Monday, July 05, 2010
Roskilde Festivalpladsen Darupvej 19 DK-4000 R'k
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